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ACT-Diesel Externals
Plant of Feedstock and Pre-treated
Area of Tanks
Equipment of Pre-treated-Cooling Water Evaporator
Irrigation Platform
Oily Water & Heavy Metal Absorbent
Odor Control Stack
Odors Aspirator in Plant
Oily Water Separator
Solid Residue (For Sale)
Pipe Works
Unloading & Car Washing Pad
Oil Recovery Equipment
Hand Mop
Portable Small Furnace
Breathing Grade Respirator
(For Cleaning Crackers)
Cracker and Condenser
The Interior of Condenser
DCS Control Panel
Oil Filter
Stabilizing Tank
CO2 Control Panel
UV/ IR Fire Detector
Skid Type Fire Fighting System
(For Offices and Control Room)
Foam Generator
Fuzzy Expansion Foam Fire Fighting Controller
Expansion Foam Storage Tank
    Illustration of Foam Type Fire Fighting System



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